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Re: Respiratory Infection Concern

Reptiles heal very slowly and their enviornment needs to be cleaned very well during bouts of illness. I heard you mention the thermometers and hygrometers but how are you REGULATING the heat? The recommended frequency of treatment for RI in reptiles ( depending on pathogenic identification) is daily injections. Especially with Baytril, should be for at least 10 days straight. Sometimes it may be longer and as long as 30 days. The reptile needs to remain hydrated as well, so soaking the animal should be part of the treatment plan especially if the reptile isn't drinking enough water on a daily or frequent interval. Consider going over the frequency of the injectables with your Vet and or consider a second opinion. If you do REGULATE the heat in the enclosure (thermostat) consider also bumping up the temperature on the settings of the thermostat. Remember, reptiles don't show signs of illness right away and they also heal slowly as well.
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