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Re: Finally, a mate for my girl!

Funny you should mention this.

I picked up my new 1.0 yesterday and he's a beast, 1/3 again as large as my (supposed) female. I never had my "female" sexed, but I took the word of the seller that it was indeed female.

So now, I have this beast of a VBB, supposedly male, and then I find another 1.0 VBB up for sale on FaunaClassifieds today. So I contacted the seller for a possible purchase.

Well, one thing leads to another and I find out that the FC post has one picture that is the same as the picture from the seller (whom I bought the snake from yesterday) on Craigslist. I contacted the seller from CL and he said that he did indeed take a stock photo and use it for his ad, he was at work and didn't have any photos on his phone.

So now, I contacted the seller from FC and asked for new photos due to the photo plagiarism by one or more parties: if I'm going to buy another male, I want to ensure that this time I'm seeing the snake that I'm buying.

Sigh...the snake trade is a fickle beast!!

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I sure hope you weren't scammed... I saw an ad using that same photo on CL
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