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Re: Black stripe in a mouth

Andy_G, I have phoned to a vet clinic.
1. On a site listed a woman, but I talked to a man. Very unpleasant conversation.
2. I told him the symptoms and he started consulting with someone else. It means he has no knowledge.
3. They don't have X-rays device. What is the clinic without even having X-rays?
4. He said go to another vet clinic placed on another part of town to make x-rays and then without snake go to him.
It looks like just business (((

The point a book I mention above it's a reliable source of information. And taking the symptoms the diagnosis should be pneumonia, rhinitis, or rhinopathy. He didn't make such conclusions. He said it can be emphysema.
So the vet is most likely is a scammer and can't treat reptiles.
Sorry my English Feel free to correct my mistakes.
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