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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Transitioning From Live To Frozen/Thawed

Originally Posted by Gorgon View Post
Believe me, I hear you Scubadiver59, so I'm going to approach this very methodically: I'm going to feed her live in a couple days to get her over this next shed. And then after the shed/poop, I'm going to take her weight with the super-precise digital scale like I've been doing every week now. And then I'm absolutely not going to feed her live again until the first sign of her losing weight. Up until that point, all I'm going to do is attempt F/T feedings.

She ate F/T right when I first got her after her trip from California 4 1/2 months ago, so I *know* she can do it. Plus, I figure I'm helping her by doing this -- not hurting her -- since, as noted, she can easily get bit during a live feeding.

So, that's the plan.

Side note: people are always saying how "terribly cruel" live feedings for constrictors are, but [1] they don't seem to recognize that this happens in the wild all the time, and [2] a live feeding is very risky for the snake as well since they are indeed quite vulnerable during the constriction process.

Venomous snakes have it easy.
I wouldn't worry about minor weight loss. I'd be looking at like 15 - 20% weight loss before I began to worry.
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