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Re: Jungle Carpet Python: Transitioning From Live To Frozen/Thawed

Originally Posted by Gorgon View Post
Yikes -- sorry for the long delay, Aaron_S and sorry for mistaking you for the post-approval guy. I've truly appreciated all the help I've gotten here; it means a great deal.

So, again, thank you everyone. Some updates, however: I waited until 5/26 but then I gave in and fed her 3 live hoppers. The interesting thing was that she started with the first the same way she's been dumb striking the F/Ts: as if she wasn't sure of the thing before her and just kind of wanted it to go away. Hence, this reaffirmed what some of you have been saying, that she just needs to get in the groove, realize the F/T is edible prey, and then go for it. (She ate the successive 2 live ones immediately.)

Then I tried feeding her a rat pup a week ago and, of course, she didn't go for it since I've now reaffirmed her predilection for live. I did the heat lamp thaw for the pup with it on the lid of her small feeding tub and then also tried feeding her in her enclosure and then left it in there overnight. (She didnít take it.)

I also got a digital scale as per your recommendations. She weighed 135g before the live feeding and then 152g after. I'm assuming that what I need to do is weigh her after her next shed and *then* see if she starts dropping weight. I'm thinking as long as she's not dropping weight, I can keep attempting the F/T feedings starting off with trying it in her enclosure -- and then if she doesn't do it there, try the feeding tub. (In other words, the reverse of what I did a week ago.) Does this sound like the right way to go?

I'm sorry this is so long but Iím just trying to be as detailed as possible. It's been 1 month and 21 days since she last shed and she doesn't yet seem to be going into another. Hence, my pressing question for right now is: do I go ahead with a few more live just to get her over the hump of her next shed and then, after that, do strictly F/T attempts while closely monitoring her weight?

Again, I really appreciate the help I've gotten so far and I'm definitely impressed some of you have dared read all (or at least most) of what I've written. You should have seen how this morning started off: I was handling her a bit and she's so vivacious and sprightly. You can just tell that she feels good -- and to me I have no greater responsibility than to keep her feeling this way.
I'd do that. i'd offer a few live meals and then offer a F/T meal again. Sometimes it takes a bit.
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