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Re: feeding schedules

Originally Posted by TroyL View Post
So I have 3 BCI's. One normal red tail and 2 are sun glows with some extra genetic tossed in them as well. My question is My 4' female its a large rat ever 3 weeks. She seems to do great with that. Up til now I have kept my 3-3.5' male and female on the same schedule but they seem to not be growing.. They have good weight to them and they have that nice box/square shape that they should have. Just don't seem to be gaining any weight. They are about 2 years old I believe. How often should I be feeding them. I was doing 3 since it was what I was feeding my larger female. I am wondering if they should be fed every 2 weeks ? All of them are approximately the same age. Just born months apart.


at two i would still be on fortnightly feed for my boas unless they was on medium-large rats which at two i wouldn't think they would be. medium rats i go 3 weeks and large rats i go 3-4wks depending on the snake.

remember the males are nearly always smaller unless overfed
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