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wow, only 10 herps with a million dollars!! That sucks. lol. Well. I would have to buy a large piece of land, and devide it in 4 sections, all blending into the other. I would start with a very dence rainforest with trees reaching 200 feet high and having all 4 layers of the rainforest, large ferns, exotic fruits and flowers,ect, ect... a small waterfall using water from an actual rainforest this would then blend into a woodland area with small srubs and a small pond, with some leaf litter, rocks and sand. This area would then blend into a small grassland with mulberry trees growing everywhere, this would be for the mice and other food items to breed and grow and finally the fourth setting would be a desert with srubs and cactus, a few cattle skeleton heads for the herps to hide in and some basking rocks and logs to lay on or hide under.
Now for filling the enclosure. Well, Shane, you never said anything about a limit on animals, just herps. heehee. So First I would add a small colony of spider monkeys, and a pair of sloths, a pair of loud mouthed umberlla toos and a pair macaws. I would add a pair of slow loris and a couple dozen sugergliders. I would add 1.2 ferrets and a pair of jaguars. I would add a pair of bearded pigs and a small colony of fruit bats. I would add a few dozen mice (they would produce into hundreds in no time and I could sell some off as feeders) I would add a a couple thousand butter flies, stick bugs, silkworms , ants, and crickets. Then I would be ready to add my final touch to the enclosure and the best part of all. The herps...
For herps I would add 1.1 blue tongue skinks (male leucistic, female normal) , 1.1 bearded dragons (male leucistic, female red sandfire), 1.1 flying dragons (these would be the hardest to acquire) 1.1 red flame crested geckos, and 1.1 rosy boas. And I can't believe I don't have room for some chams in there. lol.
Oh, and maybe I could throw shane with the jaguars for not letting me get more than 10 herps. LOL. Hey, I don't want them eating my bearded pigs!!
Well, that was fun. Look forward to other peoples answers.
Herps are like pringles, you can't stop at just one.
'believe me I know!!'

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