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Unhappy Bad start to the long weekend...

AT about 7:20 this morning I woke up to a weird scratching noise coming from my closet and my girlfriend asked me what it was. So I simply told her it was the savannah moving around, and she told me it had been going on since about 5. So after about a minute I rolled out of bed and looked at my savannah he was under a piece of wood I have in there for him but I could see he had his mouth open. I didnt even think to check why I just went and ran a warm bath. After the bath was ready I went to get the sav and I moved the piece of wood and freaked. There was about 4" of a 3'+ black mex kingsnake still hanging out of his mouth that had somehow got out of its rubbermaid. I panicked I got my g/f to go on my msn for me and see if anyone was online to help me but there wasnt so I took my sav in the bathroom and held it well my girlfriend gently pulled the snake out. I dont know if this was the right thing to do but this is the only thing I could think of. So I got the snake out and it was alive but just barely it couldnt hardly move and once again I didnt know what to do. so I checked the savannah out real quick because it looked there was blood on his face because the king had been biting the side of his face. So I put the Savannah back and I went to get the king again who from what I could tell was dead . I didnt know what else to do so I put the king in a bag and in my freezer. I feel so bad I have no idea how this snake got out, and to top all this off the snake doesnt even belong to me. I had it here cause I was selling it for a friend. I took a couple pictures with my webcam they arent great but u can kind of see what I went through.

This is the worst experience I have ever had with my reptiles, and it makes me feel really ******. Sorry if my story upset anyone or if you think I did something wrong, but I was panicking and this is all I could think of.


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