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I did not want to stuff al my ideas ind one post it would have ben to long BTW it was like 4:50am when I started that post it is now 6:05am any way back to more important matters

I agree with Chondro that most times it is out of defense but some snakes are snappier then others
It is nice to know ppl agree with my thaughts and opinions.

And yes there are some snakes that are snappier then others just like we have a tolerence level for a bunch of stuff our boss, kids, husband, wife, in-laws...
But some off us have higher tolerence levels like some ppl have (a short fuse) we say our snakes have passive and active deffences well Humans are passive agressif or active agressif

passive deffence= to deffend your self with out any violent aproch
Royal python (balling) milk snake(mimicing) hog nose (playing dead)

active deffence= to deffend your self with the nasasery force
reticulated python (mock striking and realing biteing you) red spiting cobra ( do i need to say what is dose) well any way a active deffence is hard to miss

passive agresif= not to dwell on the present caus you will get you revenge EVENTUALY.

active agressif= telling the person off and start to swing for the touch of death(hehehe)

All creaturse are classified in one of thos catagorys we humas are just so special (*caugh*not *caugh*) that we feal the need to name it somthin else cause of psycological science.

We are all born with some kind of caracteristics that stay with us our whole life. But just caus me and my sister are the same species (family) same parents we are totaly difrent in temperment and the thing we like are not all the same either.

So in other words you may have 10 rocks or retics but they all have diffrent requierments diffrent dispositions all the way down to where 9/10 of you retics will eat jumbo white rats one may only eat avrege black rats it can be that minute of a diffrence or and can be as bad as having the snappiest royal python out of a cluch of 10 from a mother that hase never produced snappie babys.

Like my Dad would say''it's the way I built I can't help it dame it''

any way it was fun to type all this I hope it was worth it.
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