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Well lets see if I can give a logical observation.

Rocks bite more or are more threated or defencive or whatever you want to say.
Ha ha ha well you did a good job stating that, that way no one starts a new debate.

But for agressiveness when a Scrub actually chaces you and does not take that oppertunity to flee it's invading my personal comfert zone.
Well said the first thing I do in a situation like that is ask my self;

why was it chasing me?? What did I do? How badly did I disturb it? and of cours where did this whole thing hapen?

Don't forget a snake room or living room is far from being 100 acers of forest. Where the animal can flee and hide.

So ya come a cross a scrub that dosen't feel in top condition physicly, hungry, strested out from a trip of some sort.

Any of these can lead to a scrub with a difficult disposition. The only thing I can say is if it is safe to do so leave it alone and go and approch it later after it calmes down a bit. If you can not leave it the room to rest.

You AND your PARTENER (who should be with in arms reach at all times) will need to stand your ground and be ready to do your job as herpers.

This is a situation that should be avoided at all cost but a herper that choses to keep large reptile(snakes) should be ready for and if posible train for it every once and a while.

First off they sell equipment to regain control of a situation like this:

---there are snake hooks made for larg pythons (retic's, burm's rock's and scrubs).
---there is also realy long forceps( large tongs).
---and there is a trash can made by Rubermaid that can be locked at the top (a larg snake bag will work to if you are more comfertable with that).
--- A broom handel is a handy thing to have kicking around your snake room.

Now dont jump in a try to be hero your partner must know what you are planing at all times and if they seem to not be gifted with telapetick powers thats ok! A constant link of comunication must be open.

So now your best tool and #1 life line is that snake hook. If there is a snake that needs two ppl to control it there should be 2 hooks in your snake room at ALL times. You can regain control of your animal while keeping a safe distance with these tools.

Once you are ready to start you need to open the trash can and put it on it's side (or lay out your snake bag on the floor) now if you have the proper equipment you can easaly center the snakes head with you and your parteners HOOKS and from there guide the snake into the trash can once you can do that you can close and lock it. Now NEVER EVER put the can standing up you it can kill your snake if you keep it like that too long it will crush it self with it's own wight .

Now just lift the can and place it on it's side in the cage and remove the cover, if needed use the cover as a shield to protect your face let the snake come out on its own and remove the can when it dose caus it has just sufferd a realy high stress level and may need to hide in a closed in area.

(this is if you choose to use the bag)

Place the bag on the floor and take a hook in one hand and a set of tongs in the other now you and your partner need to have thos pieces of equitment.

Guide the snake in the center of you with the hooks and both of you WITH the tongs grab hold of a side of the bag and gently pull it over the snakes head. Take your broom handel or just the back end of the hook and lay it gently in the back of the neck to pin the snakes head in place. Make shour your patner is ready to take control of the body or else you will have a fight on your hands that you can not win on your own. Once that is done keep the bag over the head transport tha snake to it's cage place the whole body in and then guide the baged head into the cage and remove the bag with a pair of thong and there you go your snake is home.
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