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Re: Young ball python ridiculously active??? Help

Hello and welcome to the forum and the wonderful world of snake keeping!!

Sounds like ypur setup is pretty well dialed in. Although your cool side temps could come up a bit. 75 is the bare minimum, somewhere around 80 is preferred.

As for young male BPs being pretty active, that's not true. There's a saying in the BP world " a hiding ball is a happy ball". BPs are nocturnal, so a bit of roaming at night can be expected, but during the day they should stay hidden.

So now let's troubleshoot...

- Are your hides identical?
Sometimes snakes will choose one hide over another for securityreasons if they're not identical.

- Are your hides nice and snug fitting?
Snakes love tight hides, they should almost for like a turtle shell.

- How much does the snake weigh? How much does the prey weigh?
Feeding every 3-4 isn't necessary. Feeding juvenile BPs every 7 days is best assuming the prey is the right size.

Answering these questions will help us help you.
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