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Exclamation Young ball python ridiculously active??? Help

Hi! So I've had Toby (my ball python) for a couple of months now, and this past week, he's been ridiculously active and I'm not sure why. He's out wandering about a majority of the time. Here's the specs:

- Store didn't know his age, but he seems around 6 months
- Male
- About 1.5 feet long
- Eats a medium mouse every 3-4 days on average (tried feeding him yesterday because he was out and about, but he wasn't hungry yet)
- Has always had a very curious personality, although very easily frightened
- last shed was whole

- plastic tub w/ 10 holes drilled in the sides
- under belly heating connected to a thermostat; warm side = 88 degrees F,
cool side = 75 degrees F
- two hides, one on each side
- aspen fiber bedding
- medium sized water bowl
- live plant w/ sphagnum moss (for humidity)
- some sterilized driftwood and branches for enrichment
- about 2x3x2 ft.

I know that young male balls are known to be pretty active, but I'm just not sure. Is this normal / should I be worried?
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