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Your experience with Western Fox Snake

Hey All,

What's your personal experience keeping Western fox snakes? Can't seem to find a lot of firsthand accounts of their care and pet suitability. I did search this forum for key words, too, and didn't find much.

-Are they out and about much in their enclosure? Or, are they hiders?
-How handeable are they?
-Do they like vertical space, too? Or, mostly horizontal?
-What's the minimum size terrarium you'd keep them in?
-Can they subsist on mice their entire lives? Or, are they rat feeders?
-Anything else?

I currently keep two garters (one in a 40 breeder, the other in a 10 gallon until it grows out), whom I adore. A Western fox snake recently became available in my area and I was giving it some thought.

Thank you in advance!
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