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Question Young ball python ridiculously active??? Help

I have a ball python I got back in November, and for the past few days, he's pretty much constantly been roaming around his enclosure. I tried feeding him both today and yesterday, and he wasn't interested. Here's the parameters of his enclosure:

Warm Side: 89-92F
Cool Side: ~75F
Size: 2ft by 3ft tub, holes drilled in sides and clip on lid
Heating: Under belly heating pad w/ thermostat

He is about a 1.5 feet long, although I don't know his exact age. (The person I got him from didn't know - he looks to be maybe about 5-6 months old.) He eats a medium mouse every 3-4 days, and is a WONDERFUL eater.

He has pure aspen bedding, with two hides (one cool and one warm), a few sterilized pieces of driftwood, a live plant, and a water bowl. The hide is misted every few days, but I also have a humidifier running in the room, as well as some sphagnum moss to help with humidity.

Toby (the python) has always been super curious and docile, although a bit shy. However recently, he's gotten a lot more used to handling and quite loves exploring around the house. As I'm typing this, he curled up under my blanket and is now asleep.

Is this something I should be worried about?
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