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Iguana not eating

Hi there. We purchased a green iguana at the Ohio Reptile show in December. Itís a juvenile, very much not tame but weíre working on it. It was not my decision to get an iguana as we were there to get my daughter a ball python. Long story short, my son went off with my husband and came back with an iguana. We had him in a 20 gallon for a week, with proper lighting, heat, etc. while my husband custom built a large enclosure. While he was in the aquarium, he was eating, but would do so when no one was around. When we moved him to the new enclosure, he was still eating but now hasnít for 3 days. Iím offering the same things, kale, collards, mustard greens, carrots, squash, peppers, parsnips, green beans and the occasional half a grape or strawberry or a small piece of apple. He has proper heat, water, UV and 3 days a week food dusted with calcium. His greens are in one bowl, his other veggies are in another. Heís still very green, doesnít look thin, active, flighty when first picked up, alert, etc.

Any ideas why he suddenly would stop eating? At what point should I worry? We have leopard geckos and ball pythons and Iíve had iguanas but itís been about 20 years and Iíve never had an issue with one eating.
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