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Quote: for the snakes having can believe that all you want. Its really nice and cute if you think your ball python has feelings and he loves you because hes never bitten you..thats okay. But always remember deep down that they really dont have feelings and if they have a bad day one day..they could bite you. For example, Honduranfreek, (hope you dont mind kelvin), once said in his old posts..snakes dont have feelings and come and tell us when a large retic comes and kisses you in the back of the leg where it ends up in a nice present like 32 stitches.(not sure on the amount of stitches exactly and not sure of the size of the retic so i wont write it).
Okay I said the whole thing about the feelings..Whoa Hold On! Never in the post did i say that some of you said that here. I was talking about people saying that in previous threads...I remember there was a whole post on Snakes and feelings. and there were a lot of people who said they belived that their snakes had feelings and stuff. Thats when honduranfreek said his story.

The reason i was posting that is because not only us read this post and if the people that were into the other thread..could have read this thread also! It was not directed to you! Dont take things so offensive! Obviously you need to calm down and stop finding little details on everybodys posts to argue.

Please stop bieng so mean so the thread doesnt get closed. Id like to hear more peoples opinions.

Thanks! Snake Lady
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