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1. Crocodile
2. Komodo dragon
3. ETB
4. panther chameleon
5. tortoise
6. BCC
7. tokay
8. green anaconda
9. retic

For the sake of definition, I am assuming that we will be able to have pairs or more of each. Having only 1 of each would make a small collection, especially for having a mil. to spend.

For the "zoo", it would be placed in my basement. I would convert it to a living vivarium, complete with all regions found across the world--arid for the uro's, swampy for the anaconda, live trees for the cham's, etc. To describe it in detail would take a HUGE post...besides, I have it in my head, would be hard to put it in letters.

My "zoo" would be for all to view, and daily educational classes would be available.

Considering that I would spend my money wisely, I would have enough money left to add:
12.Speckled cobra

MAN, this is HARD!! There are SOO many herps, so little time and money....
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