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Hello Everyone!

Ahh once again a debate that i can relate to! hehe Remember at all times that im one of the most calm people here when it comes to debating and i dont usually try to offend people! Right Omen! hehe LOL

Well, first of all, i think that the most NERVOUS snake ive seen in action is the retic since ive seen three rock pythons and they all had great attitude even a rescue one from the spca.

Second, i think that the snake in general becomes "agressive" (like you people tend to say although i dont like the use of the word), when and only when the person that owns them doesnt do a good job at keeping and handling them. People that own rocks,retics,burms,anacondas and even most colubrids (to some people...hehe) should take the time to read up on these snakes and not just their care requirement but also proper handling techniques. If someone owns a retic and never takes it out to handle it...of course its going to snap at you through the cage!!LOL

What i mean is if you buy a baby retic,rock, etc. You take the time and Handle it often..therefor it will bite you less and be less nervous around humans. Thats for the i went to a show in montreal and there was a retic there was 6-8 feet and it was a sweetheart cause she handled it often and it was less nervous around people.

Now for you people who have large constrictors to start off with (like you buy them and they are not babies), if youre too scared or nervous to handle the snake because its already half way full grown, then you dont have to. You just leave it on display but dont go and take it out to show a friend. Just leave it in its cage and when it comes cleaning time..grab a hook..move the snake to the side..slip a divider in the middle of the cage..clean that side and do the same with the other side, therefor there is only a small chance you get bitten. If you want to handle a retic after that, buy yourself a baby one but leave that one alone..know what i mean?

People dont seem to understand..its just like any other your pet dog for example. If you tie it up in your backyard and never go see it..then you stick him in the middle of a crowd..what do you think his reaction is going to be? Have a good attitude and play with the people..of course not..he will probably be soo nervous that he would want to get out of there the fastest possible.

Some people also get these big constrictors only for display and they leave them in the cages all the time...then one day to be "cool" they decide to show it off and they get bitten at the first chance the snake it its fault? Of course not. If the only interaction the snake gets is when you feed it..then he is not used to human interaction at all and is nervous and afraid you will hurt him.

Lost Cause? Thats a lame term. Everyone who owns large constrictors or any other know as much as i do that if we are having little problems with our snakes, for example, being a little nippy, we dont just give up on them and say they are a "lost cause". Come on people! for the snakes having can believe that all you want. Its really nice and cute if you think your ball python has feelings and he loves you because hes never bitten you..thats okay. But always remember deep down that they really dont have feelings and if they have a bad day one day..they could bite you. For example, Honduranfreek, (hope you dont mind kelvin), once said in his old posts..snakes dont have feelings and come and tell us when a large retic comes and kisses you in the back of the leg where it ends up in a nice present like 32 stitches.(not sure on the amount of stitches exactly and not sure of the size of the retic so i wont write it).

Wow this took me a long time to write!I find it fun to have debate like these! That way i learn how to express myself you all know..i dont post alot..! It's mostly my boyfriend. Well people that was just my way of thinking..i just think that its kinda childish for someone who never takes his snake out and then asks himself why the snake bit him?..If a snake bit ask myself what i did wrong..i wouldnt say the snake is automatically agressive.

Hope to hear from you guys soon!

Snake Lady
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