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Re: Looking for info on Eastern Work Snakes!

I've never kept worm snakes, but I have kept other small snakes. I like your set up, although I would use bark and leaf litter for cover, rather than rocks. I would also make sure that one end of the substrate was drier than the other, to create a moisture gradient.
Earthworms are the preferred food as I understand it, although I would avoid using red wigglers, due to the bad taste and/or potential toxicity. I would also resist the temptation to dig through the substrate, either for the purpose of counting the worms or examining the snake. Doing so only stresses the snake, and increases the likelihood that it won't eat. Simply dump in a number of appropriately sized worms, and let nature take its course. If, when you do see the snake it has good body weight, and if you keep dumping in worms and the tank isn't being over run with them, that's how you can tell that the snake is probably eating.
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