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Exclamation Urgent: Baby corn regurgitation problems

Hi all.
I purchased my baby corn around the end of September. (her name is Lucy aka Lulu) She is a little over two months old and about 10 inches long.
She has now regurgitated twice since I've gotten her.

10 gallon tank, aspen bedding, under tank heater.
Warm side: 87 degrees (I have been told that this is too warm and have lowered it to 85 degrees)
Cool side: Room temp, 75 degrees average
Her under tank heater is monitored by an automatic thermostat so fluctuation in temperature is rare. Although I have noticed in some areas in of the tank where the temperature can vary based on bedding and what not.

Feeding: Before bringing her home, the people at the reptile store said that she had eaten pre-killed before.
When I brought her home she ate pre-killed pinky mice consistently for a few weeks, then out of no where regurgitated.
I do not handle her within the first 48 hours after feeding. Ever since she regurgitated I have not handled her since. (1st regurgitation was October 16th)
Post regurgitation I did not try to feed her for a week and a half. She showed little interest and acted afraid of the pinky. After trying every week, on Monday (November 5th) she finally showed interest, striked, and swallowed the pinky. I woke up this morning (November 7th) to a regurgitated pinky.

Does anybody have any idea why this would be happening? Any suggestions? I am desperate.

Thank you all.

P.S. Lulu is very comfortable in her tank. I often see her moving and perching while I am in the room. She often is fully visible. I also see her regulating her body temperature and moving from warm side to cool side.
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