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I tried to respond to this a while back, but my comment was put on hold pending approval since I'm new. I'm going to try again, since my original message hasn't been posted yet.

I'm new to snakes myself. I keep two garter snakes, which I think are great snakes because they don't grow too large and can subsist on worms and fish if you don't want to feed rodents. I know you're set on the sand boa, which is totally cool, but I just had to put my vote in for garters, which come in all kinds of cool color morphs (in addition to all kinds of very cool naturally occurring subspecies and color phases/morphs). Mine are out and active during the day, which is a huge plus in adding life and intrigue to a pet, and they actually WATCH ME from inside their cage. They are curious little creatures.

A few snake selling points for your wife: easiest pet on the planet (within reason, of course), doesn't need to be fed every day, can't track in dirt/rain/snow, doesn't make a peep of sound and very allergy friendly.

I have both of my garters in separate tanks at the moment until the small one catches up with the big one in size and they can be cohabitated (ok for garters). I keep them on newspaper, but plan to get them into a bioactive setup once they can live together, and once they've tamed down a bit.

Good luck!
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