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Re: Baby rainbow boa will not eat

I'm sorry you're having trouble with your baby. Some questions:

How are you measuring your temperatures? Are you using an IR heat gun to check the surface temperature?

What heat source are you using and is it regulated by a thermostat?

These guys are very sensitive to husbandry issues and not very forgiving of mistakes. Baby BRBs need lower warm spot temperatures than most snakes. Warm spot temperature should be closer to 80-82 degrees. As for humidity, it's pretty much impossible to have the humidity too high for a baby BRB.

Are you warming up the fuzzies or just feeding them at thawed/room temperature? If they're at room temperature it's possible that your baby can't "see" it or doesn't recognize it as food. I like to thaw Jerkface's fuzzies in half cup of 120 degree (lukewarm) water for about 10 minutes. You can try placing the warm fuzzy and the baby snake in a deli container with holes in the lid or in a paper lunch bag overnight with the prey item. Feeding in a separate container isn't recommended for the long term, but it can help to get a stubborn feeder established.

What does your baby look like? Is his belly pink? Are his eyes cloudy? Do his colors look hazy or dull and muddy? All of those things are indicators that a snake is in a shed cycle and many snakes will refuse food while they're in shed. The first sign you'll see is the pink belly. After that, it's usually around 10 days until the shed is complete and you find a skin.

It's also possible that your baby is still settling into his new environment. Don't offer food more often than once a week. If he skips a meal, then wait until the following week to offer food again. Snakes are built to go weeks or months without food. If you got the baby from a reputable breeder, they should be able to tell you when the baby last ate. I highly recommend you get a scale like this one. As long as your baby isn't losing weight, missing a few meals won't hurt.
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