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Ok Aaron, you amateur. The obvious answer to this is a dense jungle-type setup with heavily planted bamboo, pothos, ficus pumilia, various colors of hibiscus, eucalyptus, palm, some ficus benjamina and of course some nice large ferns. To top it all off I would add a mild waterfall over some rocks covered in the ficus pumilia leading into a shallow pool with some dwarf coi which leads to a shallow stream throughout the large enclosure. Now of course we must add some sweet smelling, exotic, nice flowers to this to attract bugs to breed and for the herps to eat. I would set up misters to create a fog in the morning and for dew to settle on the leaves for drinking and to even out the warm tempurature with the humidity, and then it would be set to go off in the early evening. I would also get a rain simulator that would go on randomly throughout the day. I would have a few hundred small indian stick bugs and a hundred caterpillars and butterflies to breed in there for the herps to eat. And I would then add an 'under tank heater' (except very large and expensive) to get the moisture to evaporate from the substrate to create good humidity and moderate tempurature.
Now for the herps. I would add 1.2 picasso/sirama/amilobe (whichever you want to call them) panther chameleons; 1.1 hypo orange amazon tree boas; 1.2 hypo red, yellow, and orange crested geckos; and 1.1 komodo dragons just because they are cool and we need a terrestrial herp in there, especially one with dragon in the name. And of course these trios and pairs would breed to sell to experienced and reputable breeders/keepers to help fund the setup and maybe a few would stay in there if it was to bare.
Basically anything that is colorful and will stand out on the rich green foliage would look good in my opinion.

1.1 Veiled Chameleons : 1.1 Crested Gecko : 0.1 Pictus Geckos (looking to trade or sell $25) : 1.0 normal leopard gecko - 0.1 tang 100% het bliz leo - 0.2 bliz leos (All leopards for sale/trade) : 1.0 Leucisitc Texas Ratsnake (Looking to trade for Crestie or pygmy chams)
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