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Exclamation Looking for info on Eastern Work Snakes!

Hello. New here and looking for a little info! Curious if anyone could share some knowledge on Eastern Worm snakes as I haven't had much luck online. He/She was given to me by a friend of a friend who quickly grew bored with him. Not sure of the sex, age, or much else honestly. Snake is about 6-8 inches, and slightly thinner than a pencil. Snake has currently been in my care for 5 days.

I currently have it in a 15 gallon aquarium. I've filled the aquarium with several inches of Eco Earth for digging and several rocks for hiding, as well as a water bowl large enough for soaking. Tank temp is currently 80 on warm side, and humidity is currently at 70-75%. My main concern is making sure it's eating. How do I monitor to make sure it is in fact eating when he spends all of his time buried underground? I have been offering earth worms and wax worms. He didn't eat the wax worms and I was only able to find one of the two earth worms I dropped in the tank, but I'm not sure if the other one is buried in the substrate? Any and all advice is appreciated!
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