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Question What snake should I get?

Looking for a good beginner snake. I have a 40 gallon tank with a mesh top ( can cover the top in cloth ). My budget is $100 on Amazon and $170 in cash. I've picked out a heater and everything needed in the tank ( no humidifier though, can buy one if needbe and a glass top ). I'd prefer a snake 4-5 feet as a female or male ( either works ) and my only real requirements are a snake of that size that is heavy bodied ( I love the size and width of ball pythons, but they get easily stressed ) and is good for beginners. Something that doesn't need extra humidity would be ideal, but I can work with one that does. Any suggestions? I've looked into carpet pythons but would they fit in a 40 gallon breeder? I've never had a snake before, but I've done research and can do more.
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