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I am trying to learn how to care for a scarlet king snake

Hello everyone this is my first post so I ask for a bit of patience in respect for my ignorance. First off I hate snakes... good start right! As I was gardening today I found a scarlet king snake that scared the stuff out of me. So to overcome my ignorant fear I captured it put it in a small aquarium. Layered it with Pete moss made it a cave and added a few climbing branches. Other than needing a larger space for it I was wondering if you could help me figure out how old it is. I obviously touched it as little as possible but I would say it is maybe a foot long. I googled it and that seems to be a bit older snake. I also read the older ones can eat a mouse.... but I do not see how that tiny head could eat something that large. I was thinking that I could feed it bugs or something... I will release it right now if I cannot care for it. I love all creation and want it to be happy and a part of my family. So again I know nothing about snakes and google seems to vague for my questions. So brass tax questions how to I make sure it is happy and healthy. I mostly live off grid so I would like to beable to catch its food on my property. Also how do you sex a snake? Thank you for your time. Despite my fear of the creepy bastards I am very excited to have him or her with me.
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