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Re: My corn snake didn't eat her food

Did you try leaving the mouse in the tank and turning out all the lights? My one corn is picky and won't usually eat until I turn out the lights and don't move. Actually just tonight I put a blanket over his tank and just left him for like an hour and half later he was done eating. I would try that first.

I don't know anything about mouth rot. I would guess she's probably fine if she's been accepting meals previously and hasn't gone on a hungry strike for a while she might be going into blue or something.

As far as opening her mouth I have done one thing. I have no idea if this is the right way or not but I did it with my rainbow boa. Get like a smooth wooden stick and hold her behind the head firmly but not in any kind of harmful way then I wiggled the stick long ways to open her mouth to look into her mouth. She had some substrate stuck in her mouth that she couldn't get so I had to open her mouth. I'm still shocked I even did that, though she did manage to get the substrate out by herself.

That's just my experience but I haven't had much experience.
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