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Re: Enrichment for Reptiles & My Opinion of Brian Barczky

I assume this is your podcast? I think you made some really good points. We had a lively discussion about this very topic in June. Some users actually arguing about keeping it simple and saying that there is no additional benefit in keeping snakes in enriched enclosures while I tried to convince them otherwise (I even quoted some of the papers you mentioned). The thread can be found here

I think I'm done.

There is another one about one form of enrichment, the usage of light

Snake Heat "light"

But honestly, a lot of members here in this group seem to be set in the “laboratory” style of keeping reptiles, most responses I got where negative, “never-did-that” (don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining and certainly not saying I am right and anybody else is wrong).

But if you are really interested in learning (and discussing) enrichment in keeping reptiles I suggest you join a facebook group “Advancing Herpetological Husbandry”, you will find all the quoted papers and many more peer-reviewed papers in the file-section of this group and many discussions about how to improve and advance our care and keeping reptiles. In addition it gives you a broader perspective because there are keepers from the UK, other countries in Europe, some from Australia and of course from the US and Canada, but they discuss the differences and the common ground of keeping reptiles in different areas, what we can learn from each other.
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