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Re: Male size to age??

Originally Posted by Leah844 View Post
The rats are as big as his width, and are 60-90 grams. Which is 10-15% of his body weight? I only just started him on the medium rats. He was eating small rats once a week, but his weight and size grew up to the next size rats... should I sex him or have him sexed?

There's a lot of literature out there on the problem of obesity in captive snakes. After a lot of reading, I decided to keep Nagini's meals closer to 10% of her body weight and I feed her every 9-10 days. If I were you, I'd space out his feedings a little more and keep them closer to 60 grams (a small rat by most feeder size charts) than 90. Gender is also a factor in how big BPs get: females get substantially larger and heavier than males so having your snake sexed would give you an idea of whether or not it still has growing to do.
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