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Question Male size to age??

So I bought my first/only male ball python in March at an expo. The breeder said he was about 4-5 months old, which at the time seemed fine. Since Zhang is my only and first snake I didn't really question it. But his size now seems to be confusing me... He is 32 inches long and 604 grams (measured on September 26th). I found a chart done where people studied 15 ball pythons (The gender is not given), where they measured their weights each month. His weight puts him at month 13! Which is just over a year! His "supposed" birth month is December, which would mean right now he is about 10 months old. But somehow 32 inches long, 604 grams seems like he is too big to be that young! Is he actually older than what the breeder said, or is he just a fast grower? Or is this completely normal for a male ball python?
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