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How to fix this temperature issue?

Sorry for the long post! I just got my first ball python on Sunday. He came from a rescue and they gave me the tank he was already in and used to (a glass enclosure with a screen lid.) I purchased a UTH (Zilla brand), a thermostat (Century T7 Heat Mat Thermostat Controller), and an infrared thermometer gun (Etekcity Lasergrip 774 Digital). I also have a traditional thermometer with a dial in there. I set the thermostat for 94 degrees Fahrenheit to accommodate the bedding (cypress mulch) and put the thermostat probe in the tank under the bedding, but when I use my temperature gun, it is only reading around 85 degrees on the hot side and 72 degrees on the colder side. How can I raise the temperature? I am afraid to turn the heat mat temp up any more because I don't want him to get burned and I read you should never turn it up beyond 95 degrees. Thanks in advance for the advice!
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