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Re: Carpet Python Winter fast?

Originally Posted by Scubadiver59 View Post
What a miser!
Not even!! I like the thought of a winter fast for the snakes. I don't want them getting too soft and spoiled . They're still wild animals. Food and warmth aren't always in abundance in nature so there's a time of plenty and a time of lean in our critter kingdom.
I also like structure and order. I normally only buy snake food twice a year but since I added 3 new snakes this year I've already ordered food 3x. Whatever's in the freezer now has to last until at least January. After last weeks feedings I have (7) large rats, (9) medium rats, (10) small rats, and (12) weaned rats. That's (38) feeders for 11 snakes or roughly 3.5 feeders each. They'll eat again around the first parts of Nov, Dec, and Jan instead of their normal bi-weekly feedings. Trust me they'll be fine. They can afford to miss a meal or two.

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