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Re: RI Needle Injection Question

I've given four of my snakes shots over the last year--two for RI and the others for infections that they had--and I normally don't leave anything in the syringe, but I sometimes don't get it all in due to the snake moving or my fat fingers hitting the plunger before I get the needle all the way in.

Remember to put the needle in the (back) muscles to either side of the spinal column, and not too far down the side so you puncture an organ, and keep it to a few inches back from the head if possible, in the upper third of the body. One last thing, put the shot(s) on once side one time, and the other side the next time, alternating from side to side with subsequent injections.

For big snakes I straddle them on the floor/carpet...for smaller snakes, I let them wrap my forearm and then stick them. I haven't had to do really small snakes yet, but that would probably require some help to hold them still.
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