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first off man it would not be "What snakes are the most THREATENED by human interaction" it wold be what snake is the most defensive during human interaction.Cause snakes in general will be threaten but will defend them selves in a difrent maner. It is not the first time you try to give one of my post a hard time. Yes it is a lame comparesin snake fealings Vs human fealinghs but go get any wild caught rock or retic and love them all you want, then turn your back on them one day and then bam you have just become a statistic are you saying that a willd retic or rock is mistreated in it's natural home. I don't think that is the case a pasive captive bread rock or retic LEARNS that humans pose no threats there for will not tend to deffend them selves go ahead and beat up a retic for the best part of its life it will not becaume mad or agressive it will become a willd animal like it is suposed to be and it will regester in it's brain that humans are a threat and there for defend them selves against humans.

If you think you train a reptile and have it show ANY kind of afection twords you plz dont get any thing that can kill you becaus I dont want the reptile laws to get any worst then they are.

any way later ppl
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