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Re: Large Snake Skin in old shed - What kind of Snake ?

Not venomous, so no danger to your dog. If it were to bite your dog, it would have to be on the snout or face for you to even know about it. I've been bitten by snakes that large many, many times when I was younger, and it almost always results in tiny pin pricks with dots of blood. Depending on the size of your dog, most larger dogs can even sustain a bite from a venomous Copperhead with nothing more than swelling and some pain at the bite site. Also, from the positioning of the snake skin, it looks like someone found it and placed it on the bench. Shed skins are usually around 20% longer than the actual snake, so that snake was in the range of 5 feet long which is not uncommon for black rat snakes, and good to have around to control rodent populations.
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