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Re: Live prey issues

Originally Posted by trailblazer295 View Post
I would look into whether or not you can get ASF in your area. They are considered like candy to most snakes so an FT ASF might work. My supplier has them over 120g.
Sadly most places local to me only carry basic fancy rats weather frozen or live, the previous owner has tried multiple breeds of frozen thawed with no success from the information I was given. I've looked online but most of the places that ship frozen to my area only do so in larger orders, unfortunately I don't have the space to store any large number of frozen rats nor does it seem wise to buy 5 or more rats when he more than likely won't take any of them.

I will definitely be sure to ask around tho if l can manage to find a shop that has them locally I'll give it a try I just can't bring myself to order 5 frozen rats after all the thawed out rats that have been tossed in the trash because they went untouched.
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