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Originally Posted by liza38 View Post
Coco has been living with us since September 2018. I always wanted a snake and when I went to Pet Smart, I met Coco (his/her name was Striker there through). The cage was too small for Coco obviously and he/she was free due to the fact that Coco outgrew their cage and was striking the staff. He was eating 2 fuzzies every week.
I bought a 20 gallon- tank and Coco went home with me. 1 month later, Coco is not biting anymore (just twice the first week as I was giving him bath for the tail as he had multiple sheds stuck on it). He shed two weeks after I adopted him, an incomplete shed. He just shed, a complete one, today, end of tail included. I had trouble feeding him first, I added some heating pad in his tank and gave him pinkies. He is now back to fuzzies.
I measured his shed: 22 inches and after eating 3 fuzzies yesterday (he did I eat last week), pooping today, he weighs 62 grams.
I don't know how old he is or if Coco is a male or a female,but I am glad that he is not in a small tank anymore!
Hi. Welcome to the forum!

Based on the weight of the snake In guessing Coco is a ball python?

If so, pinkies and fuzzies are WAY too small for a BP.

Also, did you put the heat pad IN the enclosure. And is it regulated by a THERMOSTAT??
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