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Re: How likely are kingsnakes to try to eat themselves

Originally Posted by IHaveADogToo View Post
Clint's Reptiles made it sound like a very real possibility in his Mexican black kingsnake video. I forget the exact wording but he said something like "if you're interested in a snake that occasionally might try to eat itself or you". And his kingsnake tried to eat itself in that video, while he was handling it. Based on that video, I was under the impression this was a somewhat common thing. But you know what... you're right, I've seen the Brian Barczyck video you're talking about. He's been surrounded by snakes every day of his life for how many years (?) and he's never seen that before or since. He made it a point to say how uncommon it is and he's never seen a snake do it.

Thanks for your responses, guys. I appreciate your experience. I'm considering a second snake, I already have a ball python, and I'm trying to choose between a sand boa and a kingsnake. This whole "the snake might eat itself" thing had me leaning more towards a sand boa, but knowing that I'm just being paranoid helps tip the scales.
Yeah, I think there are much more reputable sources than Clint. I've seen a few of his videos on YouTube. I would definitely look elsewhere. It's easy to find a reputable breeder these days.

check those sites out.

I think it's very important, especially in today's internet driven world, to cross reference any info you receive, regardless of source.
I would be willing to bet my left leg that if you get a King it will NOT try to eat itself.

I'm personally not a KSB fan, so cant weigh in there. But, Kings make awesome pets. They can be a bit nippy as hatchlings/juveniles, but grow out of that fairly quickly. When you're that little, EVERYTHING can be a predator, so they are understandably nervous. But as they acclimate to human contact and get some size on them they gain confidence and generally handle very well.

Feel free to ask any more questions you have, I'm happy to help.

And do yourself a favor and forget Clint and learn from better sources. I can assure you a King isn't trying to eat itself, or you.
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