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Re: Dekay's Brown snake

It's a little easier to measure the shed. The dekay's shed for me, it measured 8 inches. I have decided to keep him/her. I believe he ate a slug for me but I wasn't able to witness it. I doubt the slug crawled away in the short amount of time I left it and the snake alone. Once I have him out of the plastic container he's in and into a 10 gallon aquarium observation should be easier. The container is bigger than a 10 gallon but not as secure, luckily he's too small to escape it. Hopefully he will start on a feeding routine like my ring necked. My ring necked will be peeking out from under leaves and watching me.. he has a certain way he acts and I'm able to tell he's asking for food. He will almost take the worm from my hand.
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