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Re: Baby corn troubles

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
Welcome to the forum and best wishes with your new critter. Try not handling the snake at all for the first couple of weeks while it settles in and until its eaten for you a few times. Then you can begin short gentle handling sessions.
^^^ agree 100% ^^^

Your snake is extremely stressed right now. From traveling to the expo, being at an expo surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of people, traveling home with you, a new enclosure, etc...all equal stress for a snake.

I always suggest giving a new snake at least a few weeks to get settled in with no handling. Making sure the snake is getting acclimated and eating well is too priority right now.
I recommend no handling til the snake has eaten 3 consecutive meals without refusal.

Beyond that, proper husbandry will also help relax your snake.

From there, short and sweet handling session 2-3 times per week (48 hours after feeding so the prey can be digested) for about 10 minutes to start.
Corns are a docile species and calm d8wn quite a bit over time as they get some size on them. When they're tiny, everything (including you) is potentially prey.

But don't worry, corns calm down quick.
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