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Re: How likely are kingsnakes to try to eat themselves

Originally Posted by EL Ziggy View Post
I've seen pictures of a couple of kingsnakes trying to eat themselves but it's far from common. They can be completely crazed at feeding time but other than that they're usually just fine. If your king is well fed and properly housed you most likely won't have this issue.
^^^^ All of this ^^^^

It is extremely uncommon. I have kept Kings for years, never seen anything of the sort. I wouldn't even consider it a factor when deciding if a King is the right snake for you, it's literally that uncommon.

I've seen a handful of pictures of this happening, as well as a Brian Barczyck video where one of his hatchlings was trying, but Brian was able to rescue it.
He had never seen it before and he's bred thousands of Kings.

Kings are fantastic snakes and I'll advocate for them 100 times out of 100.
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