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Re: multiple prey too stressful?

Originally Posted by frankadank View Post
donít see any form of being defensive in my response? sorry if it comes off that way, i strictly asked for no lectures about switching to F/T itís a strictly multiple prey form and i state id like to not hear F/T. i understand but as you can see craig iíve been a member even longer than you i didnít just hop on to ask a question. i regularly give input and post! thanks tho, ziggy i know you werenít thinking like that or questioning me you arenít that type of person.
I'm just trying to help. And just because you joined before I did doesn't mean a thing, other than you joined first. Considering there is no prerequisite for joining, that's pretty irrelevant. I've been keeping snakes since 1999-2000ish, but I guess because I joined the forum in Dec of last year I don't know what I'm talking about....
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