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Ya my bad about the can love it was suposed to be can't.

jpaulson... you made a good point on the definition from the dictionary but again royal python is clasified as passive defense hense the name ''ball python''. Now lets compare active defenses retic and rock pythons. but first

''likely to harm; showing a readiness or having a tendency to attack or do harm to others''.

yes go pick up any wild animal and it will show all of those symptoms but why would you f*** with rock python in the wild for anyways.

If you walk buy it at a RESPECTABLE distance is it likely to harm any thing will it show readiness will it have a tendency to attack or do harm. NO! you are at a respectabel distence and dont try to say it dosen't know that we are there, we all know how well a snakes smell is and they feal the vibrations well B4 you even know they are there.

But jump in past that comfert zone and instinct kicks in and they start to feal threatend there for they defend them selves actively and at that they will run unless somthing is stoping them (eggs,food,cornerd) all of witch would resault in a trip to the ER.

Now lets say us humans are smart enuf to stay in that comfert zone will the meanest of the meanest rocks start to chase us out will it try to attack or do harm to us NO why bother waste the energy he/she can sit back and wight for a meal to pass buy and waste the energy on that.

Unlike us humans who sit in a dark room ploting to destroy the world and take great care in planing everything and then we go up in a clock tower and open fire on ppl that did absolutly nothing and that are 100's of feet from our comfert zone and for what just so some sniper can put a bulet in our head because we coulden't do it our selves now that my friend is agressif not instinct.

and you seem to have a good hold on the dictionary there is a word used, to defin giving fealings to animals.

we humans have fealings if my G/F gose and makes love to the boy next door it will hurt my fealings if a male snake mates 6 females in less then an hour do you think the 1st female will care. if so all the breaders beter break up there trios and so on.

any way it was fun typing this cause I learned how to explain this to ppl when they ask me in the future. hope it cleared up a few things.
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