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Re: multiple prey too stressful?

Some snakes will never switch to F/T, but please be aware that no amount of safeguards that you put in place, and no matter how closely you watch feedings, bites can eventually happen. Those who are far more knowledgeable than most people on this board have found that out the hard way, but it sounds like you're doing all that you can to prevent whatever you can and that's great. You may want to consider stunning or prekilling the prey if you haven't tried that already. When doing this, they are still warm and movement is still present, but they are generally unable to control their movements as they would be dead but nerves are still sending signals. I would definitely say that you should move the snake up to larger prey. All snakes of course grow at different rates, but a lot of yearling females are right around the 900-1200g mark if they are good feeders so they may be larger than yours, but that isn't necessarily meaning that your snake is underweight, but single prey items are generally a better choice for feedings, however. Also, please keep in mind that we are all here to share, learn, and educate, and sometimes it is hard to identify when someone is just trying to educate versus lecture.
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