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Re: multiple prey too stressful?

OP, no need to get defensive. The replies above are both simply suggestions and nothing was said to put you down in any way or question you or how you care for your pets. Nobody is assuming you're reckless. Those are your words. But, we see all kinds of people come through these forums and some don't know any better, so we until we know a member a little bit, we assume they are asking because they don't know...

As for switching to F/T, it can be done. It's a matter of whether or not you want to. There are many members on this forum and others who are from the UK, where feeding live prey to captive pets is unheard of. They ALL eat F/T...

I've got a tricky feeder myself, so I get it. Every now and then he goes on a food strike for no reason. He'll just stop...and I offer live once and it jumpstarts his food drive. He takes F/T the next week. Just something to think about.
Waiting an animal out and offering after a shed is a great way to switch them over. At 1100 grams, your girl won't miss a few weeks of food, she'll be perfectly healthy going without for a few weeks...

Bottom line, your animals, your call. But the advice of switching to F/T is simply people wanting what's best for the animals.
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