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Re: multiple prey too stressful?

appreciate both responses. ziggy i tried switching to f/t but like i stated sfter 4
months of no eating and me checking weight she started to lose weight and i was getting concerned so for the health of my snake i stopped starving her and the first live mouse i threw in she bounced on it. ya know some snakes just want what they would get in the wild, a live rodent. yes sheís captive bred so i donít need the captive bred speech of it being able to survive in the wild. theyíre built to take down live prey and i spectate every single feeding and ready for the worse. as to trying rats it has been about 6 months and now she is bigger i might try the switch again. you guys feed f/t thatís your style. i feed live thatís my style. as to rats with my other BP that takes them, i watch and whenever he attacks wherever the head of the rat is i than put a pencil in its mouth to protect my snake. iím not uneducated and i care about my animal so i wouldnít be reckless like you guys seem to be assuming. thanks!
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