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Re: multiple prey too stressful?

BPs, like most snakes, are opportunistic feeders. She'll eat as many mice as you give her until she's had her fill or more. That's not a healthy way to feed her though. I would suggest one appropriately sized prey item, like a small or medium rat, every 10-14 days at her age and size. I don't feed any of my snakes more than two prey items per feeding. There's never a need, that I know of, to feed a BP 3 or 4 prey items in a single feeding. It's not energy, time, or cost effective. Why feed 4 mice when one medium rat would do? I won't get into the benefits of feeding f/t over live. That's your choice. You seem to think that she won't eat rats or f/t. Given enough time and tough love I believe she'll do both like most snakes. Snakes can go a long time without food, and there may be some critters that will never eat what you want them to, but in my experience the hunger ALWAYS wins in the end. If you don't feed any animal for long enough, humans included, at some point they will eat whatever food is offered. I've had to wait out a few critters for a few months before they got the message but they all did and they're all eating now. And my one snake that hasn't eaten since July I'm not even worried about. His temps are good and he's not losing weight. I offer him food every 14 days. When he refuses the meal goes to the next critter in waiting. He's done this before and he'll do it again. I have never seen a healthy animal so stubborn/ stupid that it starved itself to death. There was one other thing I disagreed with in your post. She doesn't enjoy killing. She's only doing so to survive and takes no pleasure in it. Try to not ascribe human attributes to your snake.
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