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Re: Dekay's Brown snake

Thanks. My success with the ring necked is due to not handling him. He's pretty jumpy with anyone else but me around. I have some WC animals already... I work in land surveying and sometimes I find an animal I'm interested in and in a place where they are clearing for housing. In those situations the animal is going to have a very small chance of surviving so I take them in. Not the case with the Dekay's. I'm still debating on keeping or letting it go. If I did keep it, it's at a young age and would adjust better. I found it at home so I won't have far to go to release it if I go that route. I already have one tiny snake (17 inch from the shed I measured) so I don't know if I want another small guy. The fact that the Dekay's wasn't so shy and skittish as the ring-necked did peak my interest though. The dekay's is about the size of a quarter all coiled up. These snakes aren't just an aquarium full of substrate as I was told. I see plenty of activity.
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