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Dekay's Brown snake

How are these in captivity? I recently found one in the yard cleaning up some old boards. This appears to be a young one, it is 6-7 inches and looks to have a slightly yellowish band on it's neck. The body is brown with what looks like two black stripes down it's back but they are actually black dots running in a line. This guy seems less skittish than the northern ring-necked snake I have. I'm debating on whether to keep him or let him go. My northern ring necked snake is supposed to be horrible in captivity but he's doing great. I was warned that it'd be more or less a tank of leaves and that I wouldn't see him much but he's out quite a bit and even cues or begs for food. He definitely gets plenty. From reading these two snakes seem kind of similar. My northern ring necked snake however is definitely more skittish and jumps from hands etc. The Dekay's does not.
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