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Help beginner decide first snake!


I'm new to the reptile world and am coming from the aquatics world. I've been doing my own research and have been debating on getting a snake for over a year and a half now. My top list are: #1 Ball Python(BP), #2Corn Snake(CS), and #3 California King Snake(KS). I live in california so it would easier for me to care for a a KS or CS since they are native to the U.S. and already have the ideal climate for their natural habitat. I really want the BP still because its temperament and size is much girthier. Does anyone know how hard it is to take care of a BP vs KS/CS ? Does the BP require more attention vs KS/CS? I hear BP can go on hunger strikes for a while, so I'm already prepared. Please let me know your thoughts. Also any ideas on a budget enclosure for them and effective heating would be most welcomed.
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